Common Posture Mistakes and Ways to Fix Them

By Dorothy Fournier posted 12-12-2020 11:30 PM


The wrong posture affects your muscles on various parts of your body, mainly the neck, thighs, shoulders, and hip muscles. Due to poor posture, your muscles get strained and may tear off and cause deep pain.

Posture can also affect your back and cause pain in your lower and upper back and feet. People often make mistakes and use the wrong posture when standing, sleeping, or sitting and can lead to pain. Through practice, it is possible to correct posture mistakes.

Bad sleeping posture

Some people sleep with their head pillow under their chest or stomach. Others sleep in a curved manner or on their belly. Bad sleeping posture can cause back or neck pain. There are different mattress brands designed for different sleeping postures. 

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Gazing down for long

People who work on computers for a long time may find themselves in this category. You could also keep chatting or scrolling on your phone for too long. Your head is made up of a compact skull and if you gaze down for long, you build pressure on your neck bone.

The more pressure you build on your neck bone can cause a stiff neck or develop a pinched nerve. Always try and maintain an upright posture for your head to relieve the stiffness

You should hold your phone or gaming gadget at your shoulder or eye level. When working on your computer, put something under it to raise it to a level near your chest or raise the screen in an upright manner.

Chin poking

Chin pocking results from setting your seat too low to look like you are almost sitting under the table. You strain when working on the table with your computer too high above your neck, 

This posture causes pain in your neck bone and you may strain your chest when trying to lean forward or raise your head. You can also cause lower back pain and your shoulder bones may pain as well. 

  1. You can correct chin poking in three ways.
  2. Raise your sit higher
  3. Lift your neck higher and lower your chin
  4. Lower your shoulders and push them backward

Leaning on one leg

If you keep standing for long, you might find it comforting to stand on one leg. The problem is that you exert pressure on the other left. If you continue standing on one leg for long, you build pressure on your lower back and eventually, you begin experiencing pain when standing or sitting.

With time, your pelvic muscles become imbalanced as a result of strain and you could develop muscle pain. You should train yourself to use your two legs when standing. Make sure your both legs are straight so that the two sides of your hip bones hold your body in an upright posture. 

Bending your elbows and wrists for long

A common posture mistake is made when busy on the computer. You rest your elbows on the table for a long time or place your wrists on the keyboard or the edge of your desk. By bending your wrists or elbows for long, you build tension inside the wrist and elbow bones and the nerves around them. 

With time, the bones around these joints begin to tingle and your fingers can become numb. When wringing on the keyboard, keep your wrists held up or place a cushion under them for support.