Staying Fit During the Pandemic – Tips for Seniors

By Dorothy Fournier posted 12-12-2020 11:34 PM


The restriction of movement during the pandemic has affected many people who preferred exercising outdoors or in gyms. The senior members of the society are particularly affected because exercise is vital for their mental health and physical wellness. 

There are several options available for the senior citizens for staying fit while at home or in foster care during this season of corona pandemic. The following are the different options that you can choose from to stay fit. 

Virtual exercise

There are many exercise videos available online that you can download from YouTube that has exercise tips for seniors. Follow the moves in your house and you will remain physically and mentally fit the whole day.

You can also find out if your gym instructor is offering live exercises online and they can send you their link to log in and be live during the exercise hour. Live gym instructors for seniors are well trained to offer moves for physical exercise fit for seniors. 

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Dancing moves

Dancing is helpful and keeps your heart healthy by pumping blood to your body well and, in turn, improving oxygen circulation within your system. Apart from the cardiovascular benefits, it is fun dancing.

When you dance in the morning or any time of day, you relax your body muscles and your brain gets refreshed, giving you hours of raised mood. After a slow dancing mode, you add the benefit by listening to your favorite country hits or cool jazz to take back to memories of the old days. 

Eating healthy

Eating healthy for seniors cannot be overstressed, especially during the corona pandemic. Healthy eating increases the senior member’s ability to fight diseases and save on money that would be otherwise spent on medication.

The seniors ought to eat several times a day in small servings because their stomachs are smaller due to age. Their servings must be well balanced with an assortment of fruits and vegetables and topped up with moderate carbs. If possible, keep away junk foods from your senior members. 

Engaging in light chores

Depending on the senior member’s ability, engaging in light chores like gardening or trimming the indoor flowers can help relax their body and burn a few calories. The senior members who have lesser physical ability can stroll outdoors on their walking stick or wheelchair with someone by their side to offer help when the need arises. 

All in all, exercising the body through light chores is as important as lifting lightweights in the house or being involved in a slow dance in the bedroom. When the senior citizen gets used to light chores, they even find it easier walking along the road and enjoying the fresh air in a park nearby. 

Taking a walk

There are different ways your senior members can exercise through walking. If the seniors cannot walk outdoors, they can walk up and down the staircase or walk about within the house.

If seniors are strong to walk within the front or back yard, they can walk along the walkways or walk up and down while enjoying the vegetation within the garden before returning into the house for rest.

The stronger members can walk to the park nearby or visit the neighborhood about a mile or more before returning home for rest. Remember, the seniors must observe pandemic-related restrictions when walking in the neighborhood.